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Grade Ceremonial+
Size 20g/40g
Taste profile Umami (Rich, enduring)
Named by Zabosai Sosho XVI


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Smooth, balanced, rich - what's the difference?

The difference between Ippodo’s matcha varieties lies in the taste. The Ippodo Tea Company harvests green tea leaves from various plantations that differ slightly in their cultivation practices, which produce different grades and flavors of tea. For example, Ummon-no-mukashi has the richest umami flavor, which can only be found in the highest grade of tea leaves. Likewise, Ikuyo-no-mukashi has a very mild and smooth flavor because it is made from a blend of middle grade tea leaves that have these light characteristics.


Taste Notes - Rich - Ummon-no-mukashi

This is the highest quality matcha produced by the Ippodo Tea Company. Its full-bodied, mellow sweet taste and aroma rejuvenate the mind and body, producing a seductive experience befit the outstanding health benefits of this exemplary matcha. Ummon-no-mukashi is a masterful token of Kyoto’s grande tradition of matcha production.


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Ippodo: The 300-Year-Old Tea House

The Ippodo Tea Company has been producing superior quality green tea in the ancient city of Kyoto, Japan for nearly 300 years. The care Ippodo provides in their cultivation and production methods exemplifies their commitment to continuing the ennobled tradition of Kyoto green tea. For generations, Ippodo has worked passionately to share the blissful experience of drinking green tea with as many people as possible, opening the doors of their Kaboku Tearoom and workshops for the benefit of the general public. Their continued commitment to celebrating and integrating green tea culture through education is a model and inspiration for us.


"To us, tea is not only a beverage, but an experience to be enjoyed and cherished. Sipping on a relaxing cup of tea while reflecting on a special memory; enjoying a nice conversation over tea with a friend or loved one - regardless of the scenario, we want your tea experience to be a satisfying one. We hope you will take the time to explore and discover all the delicate pleasures that each green tea has to offer."


Kyoto Tradition

Kyoto, the ancient Japanese capital, has been known for its matcha and green tea for hundreds of years. The climate and mineral-rich soil provide the perfect conditions for green tea cultivation. The grande lineage of Kyoto tea cultivators has left a tradition that optimally harnesses the bounties of their fertile land and produces matcha green tea that garners international respect and renown.




Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 143 reviews
Best matcha!

It’s pricey, but worth it. It has a beautiful rich flavor - I’m glad I bought the bigger size!


The matcha is so rich and creamy. However I was expecting a bigger amount of it!



Delicious Matcha

This matcha is delicious! I will definitely buy it again when my current one runs out.

Favorite matcha

My favorite matcha - I use this every day!